No, using a different reducer does not magically change the paint. It's an acrylic paint and will remain so, whether you use water, alcohol, acrylic thinner or lacquer thinner as a reducer. As long as the base coat is fully cured and you apply the top coats lightly, it shouuldn't be a problem.

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Lacquer thinner vs paint thinner

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Advantages of Lacquer Thinners Stronger than most solvent Allows for lacquer finishes to resist sagging and running in vertical surfaces Disadvantages of Lacquer Thinners More flammable than paint thinner Too strong for most fabrics and surfaces Both Are Great Solvent.

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Acrylic Lacquer Thinner DT 5 100% Virgin Lacquer Thinner Gun Cleaner 1 Gallon $59.95 Free shipping 161 sold Acrylic Lacquer Thinner DT - 42 100% Virgin Slow Dry Lacquer Thinner 1 Gallon $69.95 Free shipping 112 sold Universal Slow 80-90°F Urethane Grade Reducer, SMR-885, One Gallon $47.00 $15.00 shipping 869 sold. The main difference between acetone and paint thinner is that the former is known for its quick rate of evaporation. In contrast, while paint thinners also tend to evaporate, the speed of dissipation is significantly lower. While the application of paint thinners is evident from its name, acetone is commonly associated with cosmetics. The answer is yes... and no! Since this is not the topic of this particular article, I will not go into detail here. Now that we understand what lacquer is used for, it will be easier to determine the difference between lacquer thinner and turpentine. It is primarily used to clean up and dissolve lacquer products.

10-29-2010, 09:36 PM. Laquer thinner sold in most hardware stores is just plain cheaper and more effective at cleaning all types of paint except the water based Acrylic paints. For the Acrylics flush the airbrush with water then run. AL has a 1 to 1 mixing ratio, 1 part AL Paint Color to 1 part of Medium or Slow Drying Thinner.The required Medium and Slow Drying Thinners are Available Separately or in Kits along with Acrylic Lacquer Paint Color. Use LT70 Medium Thinner for 70-85° F or LT85 High Gloss Slow Thinner for 85° F and above. Acrylic Lacquer Thinner DT 5 100% Virgin Lacquer Thinner Gun Cleaner 1 Gallon, Brand New. Incepted in the year 1999, we are known as a renowned manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler/distributor of Paint Thinner, Epoxy Lacquer Thinner, Lacquer Thinner. The entire range is processed using unmatched ingredients and is in conformation with the international quality norms. Fairly priced, these products cater to the needs various industries.

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Lacquer thinner is a paint stripper though it can thin paint in small amounts. Turpentine can thin the paint, but it isn’t potent like this thinner with paint stripping. Turpentine has a greater level. Adding thinner to paint increases bulk, packing and transportation costs. Customising the spreadability at the user end is lost. Thinners are a fire hazard, which may add to transportation and.

Also, It might not be safe to paint on plastic with lacquer thinner that contains acetone because it will damage the material. Thinning Enamel Paint With Water. Water is the most cost-effective and accessible resource available. The majority of enamel paints are oil-based, while water-based enamel paint tends to be harder to find.

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